Advanced Smart Mobility
We will realize the smart mobility of society using the core technology of autonomous driving.

About Advanced Smart Mobility Co., Ltd.

We are a venture company collaborate with The University of Tokyo. We pursue the research in the university while embedding the results into products, and finally aim to contribute to the society. Our mission is to let all the people, not only healthy ones, but also disabled ones have comfortable travels through advanced mobility technologies.

The company was established on June 2014 for the objective to bring the research result of Prof. Yoshihiro Suda to products, who is the president of Advanced Mobility Research Center (ITS Center), Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo.


Solution to the transportation and
logistical problems and Re-activation of local area.

Recently, problems due to the lack of drivers become more serious. For example, the loss of the economy caused by the disuse of bus or railway. One of our missions is to solve this kind of problem by creating the entire smart public transportation and creating a new value of autonomous driving.

We collaborate and maintain a sustainable relation
with service providers (transportation business operators).

We believe that only R&D cannot bring the bus or truck system into the real world. A mix of experiences through communication between engineers and service providers can also provide us a better understanding of the real-world service and problems.

Our projects

The platoon trucks

Truck platooning

Using the controlling technique, the following unmanned trucks can keep a short distance which can not only mitigate the lack of truck drivers but also reduce the release of carbon dioxide. The company is currently involved with a government project (Development of Energy-Saving ITS Technology) to develop the manned platoon truck to autonomous driving.

Autonomous driving buses

Autonomous driving buses

The autonomous driving buses are also being developed for the re-activation of depopulation and aging area. AI technology is mainly utilized in the controlling system. Besides, the system is also combined with the IoT technology from SB Drive from Softbank Group Corp. to realize the door to door transit.

Core Technologies

Core Technologies

Inside an autonomous driving system, several technologies have to be integrated, for example, sensing, communication, controlling, image recognition, etc. These core technologies are being developed by our teams.

Subcontract of demonstrations and experiments from government and enterprises

It is a necessary and hard process to let the vehicles to serve the public exactly. Based on the data from the demonstrations or experiments, our teams improve and reinforce the system. Our company accept almost all the demonstrations and experiments and work on them actively.

  • ■ The demonstration in Okinawa Pref.
    (Cabinet Office SIP / Autonomous system)
  • ■ The demonstrations in road stations
    (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
  • ■ The demonstrations in restricted area such as the airport
    (Aviation Station of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport / Aviation Renovation)
  • ■ The demonstrations using special terminal system
    (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport / R&D of Smart Mobility System)
  • ■ The platoon trucks
    (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport / R&D of Smart Mobility System)